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Extending Wifi to the Garage with Google Wifi

By July 12, 2018August 28th, 2019No Comments

I finally received the 2018.24.7 software update for the Model 3 which enables wifi. Unfortunately, the wifi signal strength and reliability was pretty poor in my garage. I upgraded to a Google Wifi setup which greatly improved my signal strength and speed.  

No mesh = slow and inconsistent

My initial speed tests varied between 19Mbps and 120Mbps, so inconsistent and on the slow side. I connected a second access point located in the room above my garage. It took a few minutes to start up and connect, but once it did the car switched to that access point and started showing three bars of signal instead of two.

With mesh = fast and consistent

The next set of speed tests were much faster and more consistent. I saw a low of 249Mbps and a high of 274Mbps. That’s a up to an 11x improvement! Granted, results can vary widely with every installation, but if you’re looking for a mesh networking setup I think this is a good one.

​Setup was easy, the app works well, performance is great, and it has all the features I need (especially IFTTT support). However, it doesn’t have every feature that some more-advanced networking devices have. If you need more features, the Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD system may be more ideal for you.

​Check out the goods on Amazon below and see the video at the bottom for more details.

Matthew Budraitis

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