New SnapPlate Side Trim and Toll Pass Adapter

Last Updated on May 20, 2021.

In an effort to continuously improve the design, function, and aesthetics of our SnapPlates, we’ve recently released two new accessories.


The curved side trim pieces add a nice look to the plate mount from the sides and top. We developed them after a few Model X owners reported parking sensor issues and thought they looked nice on the other cars too. They’re currently available for the USA/CAN/MEX plate mount, but if there’s interest in other variants feel free to contact us and we can likely make it happen.


The toll pass adapter expands off the side trim and adds mounting points below the license plate holes. This came as a request by customers with a license plate frame they’d like to use without the toll pass blocking it. It also keeps the weight of the toll pass down low and minimizes stress on the plate mount. The toll pass adapter comes with two side trim pieces, two 16mm, and two 20mm black stainless steel torx security screws to mount various toll passes below the license plate.

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