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Premium All-Weather Floor Mats

By September 7, 2018August 28th, 2019No Comments

Three great options for all-weather floor mats for the Model 3 are from TuxMat, 3D MAXpider, and ToughPro. The best set for you depends on your priorities for coverage vs aesthetics vs value.

First up are the TuxMats. These have a unique look that isn’t necessarily my favorite, but they are very well-designed and constructed and give excellent coverage. They fully cover the carpet around the center console and also the rear seats. If I lived in a snowy climate they would be my choice, hands down.

Unique look, but high performance.

Next up are the 3D MAXpider Kagu mats. Kagu is the name they use for this carbon fiber-ish look that fits in really well with the design of the Model 3 interior. They also offer a Classic line of carpeted mats and I expect they’ll offer the same for the Model 3 eventually. These mats look like they will provide good coverage, will be the most durable, and the most attractive.

Looks great, works great.

Finally, we have the ToughPros. These are basic protection for a reasonable price. You can get a full set to cover the interior and both trunks for less than the price of the other two options. These aren’t my favorite look or coverage, but I can’t deny the value.

Protection and value.

Check out the video for more info and the links to pick up a set for yourself.

Matthew Budraitis

Engineer, product designer, co-founder of EveryAmp, and a dedicated fan of EVs, technology, 3D printing, and making.