We heard you like whistles and Cybertrucks, so here’s our rendition of a whistle that’s inspired by the shape of Tesla’s Cybertruck. It’s lightweight, made of Space Grey PETG plastic, and has a loop on the end for a wrist strap or key ring. The exact design and color may vary with what’s available to us at the time.

We’re no musicians, but we figured it should at least play a note in reasonable tune and we ended up at about 1320 Hz which is an E6 – not too shrill to our ears.

Every whistle is designed and printed in California by Tesla owners and fans. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by using Prusa 3D printers to make strong parts with internal structures that optimize our use of plastics and by offsetting our 3D-printer farm’s energy with Tesla Solar and Powerwalls.



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