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SnapPlate for Early Model S Owners (2012-April 2016)

By May 26, 2021January 11th, 2023No Comments

Today we’re introducing a new SnapPlate design that works with even more vehicles and first up is the 2012-April 2016 Model S (nosecone edition). It’s still based on our patented rotating latch design, but the internals are rearranged to fit in more compact places and hide behind the license plate. So rather than a rotating actuator on the front, it uses a pushbutton on the side and we’re really pleased with how it turned out.

Similar to the angled design, there are magnets inside to keep it in the closed position without the need for a locking security screw. The new arrangement lets them pull much harder so it has a really solid feel and a satisfying snap open and closed. And before you ask, yes there’s still an optional security screw hole on the side that you can use to deter theft.

Another new feature this one has is multiple plate mount positions. We put an extra set of holes at the bottom of the plate mount so you can mount it in the center, high, or you can flip it over to mount it low. This new feature was partially inspired by requests we’ve gotten from owners who’ve wanted to mount their plates lower in front of the grille, so now you have the option to position it however you’d like. We’re also making it backwards compatible with the existing angled bases too.

So, to all you original Model S owners out there who requested this, sorry it took so long, but we think you’ll be really happy with what we came up with. And as always, if you have a vehicle in mind that needs a SnapPlate, send us a request!

Kevin Braico

Kevin is the co-founder of EveryAmp, a mechanical engineer, and fan of all things Tech.