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The Best Tesla Model Y and 3 Accessories for Every Budget

As Tesla owners ourselves, we have some favorite accessories that we use and can recommend. You can’t go wrong with any of these picks for yourself or the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y owner in your life. We’ve ordered them by price, so choose your budget.

$50 Or Less

Since the Model Y has a hitch with this fancy cover that’s kind of a pain to remove, we made these custom pry tools. They work better than universal tools and they’re compact so you can keep them in the car.

Hitch Cover Tools at EveryAmp
Bat Wings Bundle

Our collection of car cosplay license place decor makes it fun to dress up your vehicle to reflect your style. We have bat wings, reindeer antlers, bird wings, and more to come!

Car Cosplay at EveryAmp

A wireless gamepad is a great way to pass the time while you’re Supercharging. This one is simple to use, fits in the glovebox, and works with all the games in Tesla Arcade.

Gamepad on Amazon (paid link)

Speaking of Sentry/TeslaCam, dashcams are notorious for wearing out flash drives because they write to them constantly. A high endurance microSD card rated for thousands of hours of continuous writes is a superior choice and 128GB is a great size.

A USB adapter that can seamlessly connect to your car with USB and then connect to your phone is the best way to ensure that your video files are accessible when you need them most. Check out our guide for detailed instructions and recommendations for most devices.

SanDisk Max Endurance on Amazon (paid link)
MicroSD-to-USB Adapter on Amazon (paid link)
Lightning-to-MicroSD Adapter on Amazon (paid link)

For whatever reasons, the Model 3 and Y have great cupholders in the back, but the front cup holders are just too big, at least for the cups we usually put in them. Here’s a nice solution.

Cup Holder Insert on Amazon (paid link)

Get the performance look on the non-performance Model 3 and Y with a set of aluminum pedal covers. They look great and give the pedals a nice, solid feel. Check out our installation video for more details. For the Model 3 only, an aluminum dead pedal covers finishes the look.

Pedal Covers on Amazon (paid link)
Dead Pedal Cover on Amazon (paid link)

Around $100

SnapPlate installs and completely removes in seconds

We love our SnapPlate removable front license plate mounts because they’re so easy to attach and remove and they leave nothing behind when they’re off. Check out the details in our store.

SnapPlate at EveryAmp

Since Teslas don’t come with spare tires, a tire repair kit could keep a bad day from turning worse by letting you repair a tire in a few minutes rather than waiting for roadside assistance. You’ll need a compressor to fill the tire back up, so together, a “No Spare Tire Kit” is money well spent. This duo fits perfectly in the left storage area of the trunk.

Repair Kit on Amazon (paid link)
Compressor on Amazon (paid link)

When it comes to mud and snow, there’s no substitute for a good set of all-weather floor mats. We really like the coverage, ruggedness, and good looks of Tesmanian. They will do the job for a reasonable price and you can spend a bit more and protect the trunks as well.

Floor Mats at Tesmanian

Over $200

For extreme weather, TUXMAT floor mats have no equal. They offer full coverage for the harshest conditions of mud and snow and they have a luxurious look as well. They’re highly recommended.

Tuxmats on Amazon (paid link)
Redwood Grand Touring

If you’re used to driving luxury cars and are disappointed in the sportier ride of the Model 3 and Model Y, there’s hope in Redwood Motorsports Grand Touring Suspension kit. They’re fully adjustable in height and also ride comfort and use top-tier components to significantly improve handling and ride comfort at the same time. This kind of luxury doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth it.

Redwood Motorsports (2% off with coupon code "LivingTesla")