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Aero Wheel Wrap Kit

By February 11, 2019August 28th, 2019No Comments

The default wheel option for the Model 3 has been quite polarizing. Some people accept them for their efficiency and price, but many people have a hard time getting past their looks. Popular vinyl accessory maker, Kenriko, has a simple solution to give the aero wheels some style. ​I initially had some doubts about these, but once I saw them installed in person, I realized their potential.

The factory aero wheel covers have a two-tone look with a medium grey on the flat parts and a darker grey on the “spokes”. The lighter grey of the flat parts draws your attention and makes the wheel covers look flat overall. The vinyl wrap kit covers the spokes with a carbon-fiber-look white which makes the curves and depth of the spokes visually stand out more than the flat parts and enhances the overall appearance of depth.

The lighter color draws your attention to the spokes more than the flat triangles.

Kenriko currently sells these in a carbon-fiber-look white and dark grey, but he has plans to offer more colors in the future. I expect that a lighter grey or silver will be a popular option. Check out the video below to get a better feel for the added depth and check out the links to Kenriko’s store on Amazon to pick up a set for yourself.

Matthew Budraitis

Engineer, product designer, co-founder of EveryAmp, and a dedicated fan of EVs, technology, 3D printing, and making.