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Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Sale Ends on 3/18

By March 11, 2019No Comments

If you already have a Tesla and haven’t ordered Autopilot for $2000 or Full Self-Driving for $3000 (or $2000, depending on if you already have EAP and when you ordered), you have until 3/18 to place your order at the current sale prices. Check for your pricing.

We haven’t seen an official announcement yet, but this is according to Elon on Twitter late this evening.

After that, prices will increase to at least the current $3000 for standard Autopilot (Enhanced Autopilot is no longer available) and $5000 for Full Self-Driving.

I say at least, because it’s not yet clear if current owners will be allowed to pay the lower “at delivery” prices or the current “after delivery” prices of $4000 for Autopilot and $7000 for Full Self-Driving.

The pricing for these two upgrades has been all over the place lately with some owners paying as little as $5000 for the same upgrades which will cost up to $11,000 in the future.

Fair or not, this owner just parted with another $2000 for FSD, which was the whole point of this fundraiser by Tesla. As Elon said, “So it goes.”

I hope it helps them deliver some FSD features this year.

Matthew Budraitis

Engineer, product designer, co-founder of EveryAmp, and a dedicated fan of EVs, technology, 3D printing, and making.