Our Story

Early Days

Hi! We’re Matthew (left) and Kevin (right). We’ve been co-workers at a nuclear power plant since 2015 where we found we had a mutual interest in technology and electric vehicles. Kevin owned a Model S since 2014 and was in line to be a very early Model 3 customer. Matthew was a day-one line waiter for the Model 3.

Starting LivingTesla

When Kevin took delivery of a VIN 25XX Model 3 in late 2017, we started making videos about the car to share with a very interested and eager YouTube audience under the name LivingTesla. A few months later, Matthew took delivery of his Model 3 and kept a steady stream of videos on the channel. The earliest videos were mostly about basic features of the car, comparisons of different accessories we were using, and our experiences, often by request from the video comments. While Matthew was the face of YouTube, Kevin was the face of our social media channels.

Introducing SnapPlate

In mid-2019, Matthew got a “fix-it” ticket for not having a front license plate on his Model 3 shortly after he got a new 3D printer at Maker Faire Bay Area and we began development of the first prototype SnapPlate. By late August, many versions later, we decided it was good enough to show the world and launched our store.

Learning Through Tough Times

2019 and 2020 were a blur learning how to operate a growing business in the midst of a pandemic. We learned countless lessons in business, finance, customer service, sourcing, marketing, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

We took a timeout from SnapPlate production to help make thousands of face shields for medical professionals in the area. Thankfully, manufacturers soon caught up with the medical community’s needs and we could turn back to SnapPlates.

On that front, we faced the same supply chain issues the rest of the country was struggling with at the time while we were also launching SnapPlates for the Model Y, X, and S along with new accessories for the Model Y. To keep up with orders and prepare for the future, we ramped our factory from two to six to a farm of Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printers.

Since we found ourselves investing more and more time and money into it, we decided it was also time to patent our invention and are now patent holders – a personal life goal for Matthew.

Introducing EveryAmp

Even before SnapPlate, we already had the domain name EveryAmp with plans to create content beyond Tesla, including other electric vehicle brands and consumer electronics. We initially planned to keep both names, but after running into several trademark issues with having Tesla as part of the name LivingTesla, we had to face the facts and change our name.

So, as we progress through 2021, we’re rebranding. You’ll see less and less of LivingTesla and more of EveryAmp until we’ve made the full transition. We plan to continue making 3D-printed accessories along with video content from Tesla and other shared interests like Rivian, Aptera, smart home, virtual reality, electric bicycles, photography, and, of course, our specialty, 3D printing.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement from the Tesla community. We’re looking forward to what the future holds!

Matthew and Kevin