License Plate Wings


Dress your car up with a pair of Raven Black license plate wings!

They use the same two screws as the license plate to hold the wings on top, so they’re pretty simple to install. They work with our SnapPlates for quick installation and removal, but also work with the factory plate mount or other aftermarket plate mounts on most any vehicle as long as there’s room around the plate for the wings. They extend out about 10″ and need at least 2″ of room to flex in the wind without hitting anything.

To make sure there’s plenty of clearance between the wings and the bumper, we used a GoPro with our accessory mount at various speeds and conditions to make sure they’re ok. Since they’re 3D printed, we’re able to make the insides mostly hollow, but with an internal grid structure, so that helps keep the weight down while still being rigid and since they’re plastic so you don’t have worry about rain.

Every kit is designed, printed, and assembled in California by Tesla owners and fans. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by using Prusa 3D printers to make strong parts with internal structures that optimize our use of plastics and by offsetting our 3D-printer farm’s energy with Tesla Solar and Powerwalls.


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