Accessory Mount (1/4″-20) for Rivian R1T & R1S


  • Installs in multiple positions
  • Uses a T25 torx security screw and included screwdriver to attach to the grille
  • Includes a 1/4″-20 thumb screw to attach accessories (GoPro camera and adapter not included)
  • Mounts are Made in USA from recycled, 3D-printed, PETG plastic
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Each Accessory Mount comes with:

  • One fully-assembled accessory mount, ready for your accessory (GoPro, camera, light, etc)
  • One black torx security screw to secure it to the grille
  • One torx security screwdriver to keep in the car
  • One zippered case to keep all the accessories tidy in your car

Easy Installation and Removal in Seconds:

To install:

  1. Partially loosen the security screw
  2. Orient the toggle nut so that fits through the grille opening
  3. Insert the assembly into the grille
  4. Begin tightening the security screw while ensuring that the toggle nut turns vertical
  5. Carefully tighten the screw until the mount is stable
  6. Do not overtighten!
  7. Attach accessory using the 1/4″-20 thumb screw

To remove:

  1. Loosen the security screw until the toggle nut turns horizontal
  2. Remove the mount