Our Take on NEM-3

Here’s our take on the NEM-3 proposal and how you can help!

Tesla A/C Smell That Wouldn’t Go Away – Finally Fixed

I’ve been struggling for months with a smell coming from my Model Y air conditioner. The usual fixes didn’t work on it, but I’m pretty confident Tesla has finally resolved it, so I wanted to get this out there for anyone else who may be having a similar, frustrating experience.

SnapPlate Gen 3 – More Versatile Than Ever

Right around 2 years ago, Matthew got a ticket in his Model 3 for not having a front license plate. Not wanting to use the factory adhesive mount, we designed a removable mount that was eventually refined into the SnapPlates that we sell today for the Model S, 3, X, and Y with plate mounts …


SnapPlate for Early Model S Owners (2012-April 2016)

Today we’re introducing a new SnapPlate design that works with even more vehicles and first up is the 2012-April 2016 Model S (nosecone edition). It’s still based on our patented rotating latch design, but the internals are rearranged to fit in more compact places and hide behind the license plate. So rather than a rotating …


New SnapPlate Side Trim and Toll Pass Adapter

In an effort to continuously improve the design, function, and aesthetics of our SnapPlates, we’ve recently released two new accessories. PLATE MOUNT SIDE TRIM The curved side trim pieces add a nice look to the plate mount from the sides and top. We developed them after a few Model X owners reported parking sensor issues …


How Should I Charge My Tesla?

One of the biggest points of confusion and apprehension for new and prospective electric vehicle owners is charging. In the US, we have electricity available almost everywhere, but unlike gasoline where most pumps look about the same and take about the same amount of time, electrical connections can vary widely in form and speed. Once …


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