SnapPlate (2020-2023 Model Y)

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  • Clean, minimal design blends perfectly with the Tesla front end
  • Installs and completely removes in seconds
  • Height-adjustable plate mount with high, center, and low positions
  • Breakaway features reduce risk of grille damage from vehicle accidents and car washes (remove for touch washes!)
  • Fits 2020-2023 Tesla Model Y only (see our shop for other vehicles)
  • Fits US, Canada, and Mexico license plates only (see Custom SnapPlates for other countries)
  • 3D printed from Made-in-USA recycled PETG plastic

Breakaway Plate Mount Joint

Swap the included solid joint for breakaway for extra grille safety

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  • License Plate Bat Wings

  • Plate Mount Side Trim (USA/CAN/MEX)

  • Toll Pass Adapter (USA/CAN/MEX)

  • 10mm Washer Head Black Stainless Steel Security Screws (4-pack)

  • 10mm Washer Head Silver Stainless Steel Security Screws (4-pack)




Clean & minimal aesthetic, safety-first repairable design, and 3D-printed Made-in-USA recycled plastic for reduced environmental impact and better grille safety.

The best (and fastest) front license plate mount. Period.

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Clean, Minimal Aesthetic

SnapPlate blends seamlessly with the front end of your vehicle and leaves nothing behind when removed.

  • No screws, drills, or adhesive
  • Installs & removes in seconds
  • Includes optional anti-theft security screw

Safety-First, Repairable Design

Patented breakaway features designed to not damage vehicle in parking accidents and touch car washes.

  • Rotating latches with multiple contact points distribute stress on the grille
  • Low-cost replacement parts available for everything

Proudly Plastic & Stainless Steel

SnapPlates are 3D Printed with Made in USA Recycled PETG Plastic with Strategically-Placed Stainless Steel Fasteners.

  • Better grille safety compared to metal
  • Minimal waste compared to CNC routing
  • Less plastic use compared to injection molding

How SnapPlate Works

Say goodbye to screws and adhesives – SnapPlates are designed for quick and easy installation, with no tools required.

  • No screws or adhesives
  • Installs and removes in seconds
  • Blends with the front end when installed
  • Leaves nothing behind when removed
  • Includes optional anti-theft security screw
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The SnapPlate Story

The idea for SnapPlate was born when one of our co-founders got a ticket for not having a front license plate the same weekend he bought a new 3D printer. As a self-proclaimed front-license-plate hater, he wanted something that was easy to install when traveling to areas that enforce front license plate use and easy to remove the rest of the time. None of the options available had every feature we wanted, so we made one…and then all our Tesla friends wanted one too.

SnapPlate front license plate mounts install and completely remove in seconds. The clean, minimal design blends perfectly with the Tesla front end when it’s installed and leaves no unsightly hardware behind when it’s removed. The plate mount is height adjustable with high, center, and low mounting positions to suit your taste.

SnapPlates are designed, printed, and assembled in California by Tesla owners and fans. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by using recycled plastics that are Made in the USA and by using Prusa 3D printers to make strong parts with internal structures that optimize our use of plastics.

SnapPlate kits include:

  • One fully-assembled front license plate mount, ready for your license plate
  • Four black and four silver torx security screws for the plate
  • One black torx security screw to optionally secure it to the car
  • One T25 torx security screwdriver to keep in the car
  • One zippered felt case to keep all the accessories tidy in your car

SnapPlate is perfect to:

  • Remove your plate for car shows
  • Install to avoid tickets while parked at a meter
  • Remove to clean your car at home or at a car wash
  • Install for toll-by-plate roads and bridges
  • Deter theft with torx security screws on the plate and mount
  • Install a temporary plate to support your favorite team on game day

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25 reviews for SnapPlate (2020-2023 Model Y)

  1. Andrew Mitchell (verified owner)

    What can I say, I’m impressed. It’s a super easy on/easy off plate holder that comes with a nice little accessory bag, a screw driver, screws in both silver and black (I used the black), and an extra screw to lock it on if you’d prefer. I’m so glad I ordered this, and so happy with the product. It fits perfectly on my Model Y. Thanks LivingTesla!

  2. Mike G (verified owner)

    Agree with other review. Super easy to install. Sturdy. Really really like the fact that the whole piece is removable, not just the plate assembly.

    Genius product. Thanks!

  3. Austin E (verified owner)

    This is a very well designed and easy to use product. The installation was almost too easy. Just line it up, push the front of it, and it’s on. It was honestly almost anticlimactic how simple the install was. It also is made to break if it gets backed into which is a much better fate than actually breaking the grill that it attaches too like some other designs out there. You can barely see it when it’s mounted too. Just looks like the plate is floating in front of your car. Shipping was very fast and included a Neck Gaiter Face Mask in there as a surprise. Would absolutely recommend if you’re looking for a non-permanent way to secure your front plate.

  4. Austin Esmond (verified owner)

    This is a very well designed and easy to use product. The installation was almost too easy. Just line it up, push the front of it, and it’s on. It was honestly almost anticlimactic how simple the install was. It also is made to break if it gets backed into which is a much better fate than actually breaking the grill that it attaches too like some other designs out there. You can barely see it when it’s mounted too. Just looks like the plate is floating in front of your car. Shipping was very fast and included a Neck Gaiter Face Mask in there as a surprise. Would absolutely recommend if you’re looking for a non-permanent way to secure your front plate.

  5. I G (verified owner)

    This is product is really cool, its seems very sturdy and strong, i like that its very minimalistic (compare to other brands of grill mounted plate holders) and putting it on the car (cant say installing :)) is as simple as simple can be. i really love this product and love the fact that its 3D Printed which is very very cool, well made.

  6. William L. (verified owner)

    Love this thing. It is very easy to install and remove. It look very good on Model Y

  7. Jason Mitchell (verified owner)

    Easy to install, easy to remove. Minimalistic. Doesn’t get any better.

  8. Tony (verified owner)

    Wow the design is perfect and the fit is excellent. Customer service is very responsive and they ship quickly. That combination makes me give them 5 stars.

  9. Tim (verified owner)

    Excellent product. It took about 30min to install. Assembled the plate to the holder using the included screws and screwdriver. The self-threading nature of the plate mounting screws required a bit of extra leverage on the screwdriver – a 7/16 end wrench did the job. Mounting it to the grill couldn’t be easier. When I finished it passed the Wife test with flying colors.

  10. Bob Alexander

    One of the coolest pieces of hardware ever. All a perfect fit. One for the Y, one for the 3, thanks to the WSP.

  11. Dave Walter (verified owner)

    Creatively designed and expertly engineered. I’ve researched several similar products and tried a couple on my previous Model 3. None of them compare! This one is complex in design, simple in installation and slick in appearance. Fits perfectly on the Model Y grill and doesn’t come close to touching the paint. It appears that the breakaway design (and available replacement parts) will help minimize damage if an accident occurs. Keep up the good work!

  12. Tod Neal (verified owner)

    Installed and did but survive the trip from San Diego to Las Vegas. Would like to see the joints to the license plate be reenforced.

    • Matthew Budraitis (store manager)

      Hi Tod,
      We reached out to try to help, but haven’t heard back from you. You had one of the first generation plate mounts from before we beefed them up last September, but even before that we haven’t seen issues with them breaking on their own. Typically it has been from car washes or parking accidents which sometimes go unnoticed until customers are driving away. We’d appreciate any more info to help.

  13. Sergio Escamilla

    Really awesome. It took me quite literally 10 seconds to snap it on and 30 seconds to screw in all the screws. Very clever design and looks super clean and minimalist I love that I don’t have to drill into my model Y and ruin the front. Also love the fact that it’s meant to go on the grill so it’s perfectly centered the way it snaps on. Seriously this would be such a great gift for someone who has a tesla especially in a state like California where the front license is mandatory. Really happy it seems pretty sturdy so far, I am a little bit nervous because since it is plastic there is a potential for becoming brittle and breaking with moderate force. You will need to remember to take it off as well when going to a car wash or something like that, but I love that it’s so easy to do that.

  14. slattery.shannon (verified owner)

    Looks great on the Model Y and is very easy to install. The safety screws are a nice touch to make sure no one can take the plate.

  15. Scott WIGLEY

    Upon initial install it seemed to fit very snug and I was very impressed but after a short 60k drive home I notice that, while it still seems as though it will stay on just fine, it wiggles 1/8 inch or so. Just wondering if there is a way to adjust this? overall very happy but could use some support on this issue. Thanks

  16. Paul Derbyshire (verified owner)

    Great product!

    My only suggestion is to include Zinc plated or stainless steel washers as some license plates have large mounting holes. The screws that come with the Snapplate slip right through the holes.

  17. Rhett Robinson (verified owner)

    Looks sturdy! Fits very nicely, easy to install/remove (if needed).

    I I bought one of the earlier versions a bit over a year ago and it failed, and I got a replacement mount and plate which appears much more solidly built. I’m giving this product a 4-star review for now, and hoping the new one holds up well–if it holds up for 12 months I’ll be back with an update and 5-stars.

    I do want to say that customer service was great and even though the original one failed it was super easy to get the replacement part, so 5-stars for that, definitely!

  18. Val (verified owner)

    I had doubts but the company was extremely quick to respond and remarkably candid. The installation tool included is of genuinely high quality, not a disposable “one-time-use” thing, and the surprise extras were much appreciated. I’ve been using it for about 6 months and am very pleased. One of my original doubts was how it would survive a Wisconsin winter with snow building up but the non-snow performance so far is reassuring.

  19. Amy

    Im a senior & just installed snap plate on my Tesla 3 & it was ez peazy. My husband coached me a bit & I was on my way.
    Before purchasing, I had a question about the tool & recd answer same day.
    Plate is very secure & it looks great!

  20. G (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say the SnapPlate protected my Model Y. I forgot to remove it during a automatic car wash (as SnapPlate rightly recommends) and it did exactly what it’s designed to do: it broke off before causing any damage to the grille or front of the car. I will definitely buy another SnapPlate.

  21. Tobin Davis

    Lost it sometime between October 2021 and March 2022. Honestly don’t know if it broke off, was stolen, alien abduction, etc (lots of cold wet weather this winter). I did like how easy to install it was. Will order a new one soon.

  22. Jack Z

    Love the SnapPlate. Very easy to remove when desired (washing, car shows, drag racing, etc) and easy to put back on after. Looks great (nearly invisible) and holds tight. No tools required for easy on and off in seconds. The company is great too! The original version wasn’t happy after a salty winter, but they sent me a corrosion resistant replacement FOR FREE. The new version solved my only issue!

  23. Kevin R. (verified owner)

    I really liked the look of the mount and fact it does not have to be mounted to painted section of bumper. However, due to design it was stolen from my car with the front plate by vandals. Would potentially buy again but seems like easy target for thieves.

  24. Jim F (verified owner)

    Its been said already but this is a well built, well designed device. Worked perfectly straight out of the box. Was missing the security screw and emailed Matthew at EverAmp. Within an hour I had an email response and within 2 hours I received notification of shipment of the screw. That’s major league customer satisfaction guarantee and service! Thanks Matthew!

  25. orton hicks (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely the best. With 3 Tesla”s in the house we know what accessories to buy. In fact we did lose a front plate for some reason (not sure if we bumped it or if it was stolen) and the bracket stayed on with no damage to grill. Called EveryAmp and they sent out a replacement piece. I will be getting a Model Y in the next month and thus will be ordering another front license plate bracket.

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