SnapPlate Gen1 (2022-2023 R1T & R1S)


This gen 1 SnapPlate design is on closeout sale while supplies last. The height-adjustable gen 2 design is available here.

Rivian recently released a software update that significantly widens the front camera view to include the top of the bumper and factory license plate mount. Similarly, SnapPlates are also now visible on the front camera view with this version (see photos). Gen 2 adds height adjustment to move the plate out of sight, if desired. 

  • Clean, minimal design blends perfectly with the Rivian front end
  • Installs and completely removes in seconds
  • Breakaway features reduce risk of grille damage from vehicle accidents and car washes (remove for touch washes!)
  • Fits 2022-2023 Rivian R1T and R1S only (see our shop for other vehicles)
  • Fits US, Canada, and Mexico license plates only (see Custom SnapPlates for other countries)
  • Made in USA from 3D-printed recycled PETG plastic

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SnapPlate removable front license plate mounts install and completely remove in seconds. The clean, minimal design blends perfectly with the Rivian front end when it’s installed and leaves no unsightly hardware behind when it’s removed.

SnapPlates are designed, printed, and assembled in California by Rivian owners and fans. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by using recycled plastics that are Made in the USA and by using Prusa 3D printers to make strong parts with internal structures that optimize our use of plastics.

The idea for SnapPlate was born when one of our co-founders got a ticket for not having a front license plate the same weekend he bought a new 3D printer. As a self-proclaimed front-license-plate hater, he wanted something that was easy to install when traveling to areas that enforce front license plate use and easy to remove the rest of the time. None of the options available had every feature we wanted, so we made one…and then all our Tesla friends wanted one too.

SnapPlate attaches and removes in seconds and is:

  • Paint-safe
  • Grille-safe
  • Radiator-safe
  • Sensor-safe

Hanging a license plate off the front of the plastic grille is actually pretty dangerous for the grille and grille replacements are expensive. To make SnapPlate grille-safe, we designed it to break away if it is stressed by car washes, fender benders, vandals, etc. We know things happen, so we sell replacement parts for less than it costs us to make and ship them.

Each SnapPlate comes with:

  • One fully-assembled front license plate mount, ready for your license plate
  • Four black and four silver torx security screws for the plate
  • One black torx security screw to optionally secure it to the car
  • One torx security screwdriver to keep in the car
  • One zippered case to keep all the accessories tidy in your car

SnapPlate is perfect to:

  • Remove your plate for car shows
  • Install to avoid tickets while parked at a meter
  • Remove to clean your car at home or at a car wash
  • Install for toll-by-plate roads and bridges
  • Deter theft with torx security screws on the plate and mount
  • Install a temporary plate to support your favorite team on game day

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