SnapPlate Front License Plate Holder for Tesla Model 3

43 customer reviews


  • Available for all years of Standard, Long Range, and Performance Model 3 (fits 2024 Highland Performance)
  • Clean, minimal design blends perfectly with the Tesla Model 3 front end
  • Mount installs and completely removes in seconds (remove for touch car washes!)
  • Includes security screw and driver to prevent removal and deter theft
  • Height-adjustable plate mount with high, center, and low positions
  • Fits US, Canada, and Mexico license plates and frames only (see Custom SnapPlates for other countries)
  • Includes five black and four silver T25 torx security screws, T10/T25 screwdriver, and felt case
  • 3D printed from Made-in-USA recycled PETG plastic

Recommended Accessories…

  • 10mm Washer Head Black Stainless Steel T25 Security Screws (4-pack)

  • 10mm Washer Head Silver Stainless Steel T25 Security Screws (4-pack)

  • Plate Mount Side Trim (USA/CAN/MEX)

  • Toll Pass Adapter (USA/CAN/MEX)



SnapPlate & SnapPlate+

Clean & minimal aesthetic, safety-optimized or strength-optimized designs, and 3D-printed Made-in-USA recycled plastic for reduced environmental impact and better grille safety.

The best (and fastest) front license plate mount. Period.

SnapPlate+ 2024+ Tesla Model 3 Minimal Aesthetic Simple

Clean, Minimal Aesthetic

SnapPlate blends seamlessly with the front end of your vehicle and leaves nothing behind when removed.

  • No screws, drills, or adhesive
  • Installs & removes in seconds
  • Includes optional anti-theft security screw

Strength-Optimized or Safety-Optimized Designs

Choose SnapPlate+ for hardened features for maximum strength or SnapPlate for breakaway features that add extra vehicle safety in case of touch car washes, parking accidents, and minor mishaps (SnapPlate is available for the 2017-Jan 2024 Model 3 only).

  • SnapPlate+ is an all-new design optimized for strength
    • Base with added side ribs and additional stainless steel reinforcement
    • Thicker plate mount with longer stainless steel fasteners
    • Larger-diameter, adjustable-fit, rotating latches with multiple contact points distribute stress on the grille
  • SnapPlate is our original design with features optimized for grille safety
    • Base with breakaway rotating latches
    • Optional breakaway joints are available separately for plate mounts
    • Lighter construction designed to sacrifice itself in touch car washes and minor parking accidents
SnapPlate plus for the 2024 and up Tesla Model 3 is made from 3D printed recycled plastic with stainless steel fasteners because it's safer, stronger, and less wasteful than other methods

Proudly Plastic & Stainless Steel

SnapPlates are 3D Printed with Made in USA Recycled PETG Plastic with Strategically-Placed Stainless Steel Fasteners.

  • Better grille safety compared to metal
  • Minimal waste compared to CNC routing
  • Less plastic use compared to injection molding

How SnapPlate Works

Say goodbye to screws and adhesives – SnapPlates are designed for quick and easy installation, with no tools required.

  • No screws or adhesives
  • Installs and removes in seconds
  • Blends with the front end when installed
  • Leaves nothing behind when removed
  • Includes optional anti-theft security screw
Instruction Guide
SnapPlate+ 2024+ Tesla Model 3 Bumper Clearance

The SnapPlate Story

The idea for SnapPlate was born when one of our co-founders got a ticket for not having a front license plate the same weekend he bought a new 3D printer. As a self-proclaimed front-license-plate hater, he wanted something that was easy to install when traveling to areas that enforce front license plate use and easy to remove the rest of the time. None of the options available had every feature we wanted, so we made one…and then all our Tesla friends wanted one too.

SnapPlate front license plate mounts install and completely remove in seconds. The clean, minimal design blends perfectly with the Tesla front end when it’s installed and leaves no unsightly hardware behind when it’s removed. The plate mount is height adjustable with high, center, and low mounting positions to suit your taste.

SnapPlates are designed, printed, and assembled in California by Tesla owners and fans. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by using recycled plastics that are Made in the USA and by using Prusa 3D printers to make strong parts with internal structures that optimize our use of plastics.

SnapPlate kits include:

  • One fully-assembled front license plate mount, ready for your license plate
  • Four black and four silver torx security screws for the plate
  • One black torx security screw to optionally secure it to the car
  • One combo T10/T25 torx security screwdriver to keep in the car
  • One zippered felt case to keep all the accessories tidy in your car

SnapPlate+ is perfect to:

  • Remove your plate for car shows
  • Install to avoid tickets while parked at a meter
  • Remove to clean your car at home or at a car wash
  • Install for toll-by-plate roads and bridges
  • Deter theft with torx security screws on the plate and mount
  • Install a temporary plate to support your favorite team on game day

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43 reviews for SnapPlate Front License Plate Holder for Tesla Model 3

  1. Eric Beck (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Snap Plate on my Tesla Model 3 for a couple months now. It was working great until another car hit my front plate, and then it broke. At first I was upset, but then I realized it saved my front bumper, which would have been an expensive fix.

  2. Steve (verified owner)

    I’ve had my SnapPlate for about a month now, and its working great! At first I installed the security screw, because I was taking a long road trip, and worried it wouldn’t stay in place. I’m happy to say that several road trips later without the security screw, its rock solid. Odds of someone else knowing how to remove this, or even wanting to, are low enough that I don’t worry too much. It is super simple to remove when washing my car and reinstall too. Just a few seconds and done. It looks great and adds a ton of convenience. Zero regrets!

  3. Private Person Who is Not Into Social Media

    This is a superb product. Securely mounts, but removes without tools! It is just what you need if you want to take good care of the paint on your bumper, or if you ever plan to get a vinyl wrap on your car like me. I am a genuine SnapPlate customer but this review is anonymous because I don’t use social media. I’m writing this because the people at Living Tesla seem like good people and this is a great product.

  4. John Weiss (verified owner)

    I looked at several other designs, and decided this was the best of the bunch. Accommodates license plate frames, frequent on/off cycles, or permanent mounting if desired. A bit of dry lube around the periphery of the mounting knob made it even smoother. The security screw is simple and out of sight. The plastic material initially looks a bit flimsy, but is solid with the plate attached. I suspect the SnapPlate will sacrifice itself on hard impact, saving the bumper and grill vanes…

  5. Lucas (verified owner)

    It works well and is easy to use. I put it on when parking on the street. Highly recommend

  6. Derek (verified owner)

    Bought this to avoid tickets parking on the street. It is built solid and I have had zero issues with it. It holds the plate well and the security screw is a nice addition. I don’t feel like it’s going to break the grill like other plate holders I found online. Definitely recommend this one over all other plate holders.

  7. Darby (verified owner)

    I was looking for a solution after I got a warning (in a very small town) for not having a front plate. SnapPlate fit the bill. It works great and was easy to install. I can’t seem to engage the security screw, but that is a minor issue. Initially I thought the price was high, but in actuality, it’s not. A lot of thought went into the design and production and to have a way of mounting the front plate that is pretty much invisible and doesn’t damage the car is well worth the price. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a solution especially if you are in a state that require a front license plate.

  8. Louis Cassaro (verified owner)

    My SNAPPLATE works just like you said it would and I love that! Nice design and easy to take on and off.

  9. ROLAND ASCARRUNZ (verified owner)

    This is a very well thought out and well engineered piece of magic. I hate front license plates, they make the beautiful front facials of Teslas look awful. Especially the Model 3. Unfortunately I live on Los Angeles where a front plate is required. Most of the time I don’t install it, and take a risk of getting a citation, but I keep the SnapPlate in the trunk in case I’m pulled over and then I make up some story as to why I forgot to reinstall it. It is so easy to put it on that a child with a blindfold could do it in seconds. Truly a wonderful invention.

  10. Edward Milstein

    I have owned my model 3 for over a year and waited until this product was released to finally purchase a front license plate holder. This device is exactly what I wanted – easy to put on and take off – doesn’t touch the car’s paint – reasonably priced and finally, a high quality build.

  11. Scott M

    After looking at many of the available brackets I’m very glad I chose this one. Very creative design, super simple to install and remove. Thank you!

  12. Edgar (verified owner)

    Great product. Easy to snap on and remove. I looked at several options, but this was the best.

  13. Ascanio

    Just received it. I love it! It’s fabulously well designed. Attaches/detaches easily. Looks fabulous, especially with a silicon plate frame.

  14. Matt M (verified owner)

    Took less than five minutes to install. High quality item that looks like it will last for a long time, even in our harsh winters. Super easy to remove when washing the car, although it’s secure enough and tough enough that I’ve ended up leaving it on the car 99% of the time.

  15. XL (verified owner)

    I just received it and 5 star for the incredibly fast processing. They clearly worked over the WE. Also I like the lock magnet system. Very clever. The slim look is way nicer than the bulky OEM. And no damage to my clear bra.

  16. Joan M

    I did not receive a screwdriver in my package and the screws are so unusual that no one I knew had any easy way to screw the screws and ended up turning the screws with some kind of plyers! My neighbor has ordered some from Amazon so that he will be prepared next time. Meanwhile, my screws are on, but not on tightly, and I’m certainly not going to ask someone to try to screw the one that goes on the side… The apparatus went on to the car very easily, though and it seems sturdy enough, though it will slide a little if one pushes on it (so I just won’t push on it).

  17. Chrgngo (verified owner)

    I’m definitely loving the SnapPlate for my Model 3! I take a lot of photos of my Model 3 and the photos turn out a lot better without the front plate on. The best part, the SnapPlate only takes a couple seconds to take off and put back on. Also it’s holding up great during the winter months with all the snow and ice. I’d highly recommend!!

  18. Derrick (verified owner)

    I went through a couple of attempts at getting my SnapPlate installed on my Model 3. In the first attempt, I didn’t receive the security screws, but once I notified that guys here, they immediately apologized and sent a new shipment. Unfortunately, that new shipment was inexplicably lost by the Post Office (through no fault of the folks at LivingTesla), but once I notified them that the shipment was never delivered, they immediately sent a third package. I received it a few days later, and in a matter of minutes I had the SnapPlate installed. It looks great. I was initially worried about it not withstanding high speeds as I didn’t want to keep taking it on and off, but so far it’s held up well at speeds up to 90-95 mph.

  19. Lelah Larry (verified owner)

    In addition to having a fantastic product that works exactly as advertised, the customer service is awesome. I had made some inquires and they got back to me quickly.

  20. Guy (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Cleans up the beautiful front end. Great fast shipping. Great work guys!

  21. KB (verified owner)

    My item was damaged in transit and customer support quickly responded. That very same day they sent me a new one. The snap plate was very easy to install and looks great.

  22. Justin

    The mount is very well designed and very simply to attach and detach. I am extremely pleased with it and will be recommending it to family and friends who also have Teslas.

  23. Mark (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the purchase. It is so quick to take off and put on that the detailer who cleaned my car was amazed and wished it was that easy to get around other cars plate mounts. No issues, and really great to see the spare parts just in case you do have an accident since its cheaper to replace the snapplate than the parts in the bumper.

  24. Brian Clayton

    Received the Snapplate today. Very happy with the quality of the product and the versatility it will offer! Highly recommend!

  25. William T Miller (verified owner)

    Wow! Above and beyond in terms of quality. Not only do they supply the product ordered (the snap plate), but they included a very quality zip-up pouch with the torx screwdriver and all the screws in a plastic bag, plus instructions. The snap plate went on easily and securely, done in 5 mins! Well worth it.

  26. Jeremy Howard

    Very clever design and is super simple to install and remove. I don’t drive around with my front plate on most of the time (shame on me, I’m breaking the law), but when I’m going to be in a big city where they tend to care more about this, I just “snap” on my Snap Plate and i’m good to go. Great accessory for my Tesla!

  27. Srikanth Madduri (verified owner)

    Piece of Junk. Snapped in half. It lived up to its name, SNAPPLATE. Because of this, I wasted 2 hours time going around the police station to file a lost license plate report, waiting in line at the DMV (2 hours worth $170) to get new license plates ($23). I had this on for just 1 year. Wasted $193 because of crappy quality. I am going to email support and inform them about this. This has a weakness. Anyone can pull the plate and it snaps in half. They claim that it takes a while for a thief to unscrew and figure out how to remove this. But a thief would just grab this resulting in this stupid license plate holder in half. I wish I hadn’t wasted $100 on this piece of junk to begin with. I am going to make a video and post it on YouTube.

  28. John Quinn (verified owner)

    What a lovely piece of design and engineering. Works perfectly. Well done!

  29. CLIFF C (verified owner)

    I bought it because I liked the design. I had it for almost a year. This morning, I noticed the front license plate missing when I arrived at work. Either someone took it (no reason why anyone would) or it fell off. There was no damage to my car. I have to go file a police report and find time to go to the DMV.

  30. Steven C (verified owner)

    I liked the concept initially, but like others, there is a reason it is called snapplate. I’ve had the brackets snap right off my car twice. Once in a touch less car wash and second when a bird flew into the front of the car. Luckily I was able to find my license plate. It’s too pricey for how delicate it is.

  31. Susan Byers (verified owner)

    Awesome idea! What a great way to mount your plate. Congrats on the idea and the engineering.

  32. Greg Valunas (verified owner)

    Works great. And thanks for the stretchy facemask that came with it! Three months so far with no issues. Thanks!

  33. Bobby W (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product. I hate having a front plate, but I also hate getting pulled over and getting tickets. This is a great compromise. Very clean and minimal solution.

  34. Paul Derbyshire

    Great product!

    My only suggestion is to include Zinc plated or stainless steel washers as some license plates have large mounting holes. The screws that come with the Snapplate slip right through the holes.

  35. Mark DeCelles

    I was extremely impressed with how light weight it feels. Its strength is impressive. My new Model 3 will be the envy of my neighbor. He has Model 3 also, I am sure he will be ordering one soon.

  36. Robert Husted (verified owner)

    Great product. Would recommend spending the extra $2 for the breakaway piece. I was driving in my neighborhood and a cardboard box from nearby construction blew in front of my car while I was driving and snapped the plate holder right off.

  37. Peter Sassone (verified owner)

    Incredible service! Ordered after midnight one night and part was shipped by 11am same morning! Being in California I got in 2 days. Part did not disappoint. Very clever and simple! Neat that it’s 3D Printed as well. Great Product… Great Service!!

  38. John Tutini (verified owner)

    Needed replacement parts after hitting an Airborne mattress, yep flat on in the air mattress at about 75 mph in the Model X. Great service, fast shipping….GREAT communication. All companies should be this way.

  39. Billy Baquera (verified owner)

    EveryAmp is the real deal and so is their Snapplate!! For all the people who left negative reviews, they are dumb people. Snapplate is easy to install, looks great, and is easily removed. EveryAmps customer service is top notch and they make every effort to help in anyway. A+++++ EveryAmp!! Keep doing what your doing and ignore all the dumb haters out there!!

  40. Lenora Trask

    What a nifty product. A genius design fitting to the minimalist look of the Tesla design. And EZEEE to install. Just like the video shows! Great job!

  41. El T

    What a nifty product. A genius design fitting to the minimalist look of the Tesla design. And EZEEE to install. Just like the video shows! Great job!

  42. Roberto F

    Great product and to be honest its design is the best. I find it very easy to remove whenever is shower time and bat wings look great on it.

  43. spyrish (verified owner)

    I am finally leaving my review after almost 4 years of use. I got my
    snap plate holder about Oct in 2019. After looking around, I
    settled on this product. I just passed 137,000 miles and the snap
    plate design was holding up very nicely.

    I know that there have been updates in the design which helped
    strengthen the plate holder to the base mount. My first top plate
    holder had an issue from wind after 52,000 miles, and it was replaced
    with the second updated plate holder (V2) same original base mount.
    That one (V2 plate holder) was awesome, no issues until I broke it
    myself on accident at about 82,000 miles. I got a replacement for the
    plate holder (V3), as the base was still going strong.

    I had no issues with the original base mount or V3 plate holder until
    being hit with a toll lane barrier stick after someone ran over it on
    the 91 express lanes. No damage to my Tesla M3, but I did lose the
    snap plate and my front plate at about 108,000 miles.

    I originally got this plate thinking I would remove it from time to
    time, but never did. It looked good and I had no issues with it
    staying on while driving and it has been very solid.

    I highly recommend the plate holder! The original Base is still going strong at 137,000 miles and is still solid and secure as the day I purchased it. The V2
    and V3 plate holders are also very secure and did their job. I am
    purchasing another after I leave this review.

    I just had something hit the plate holder as I was driving today and again, it worked as designed. The mount that attaches to the base and plate holder took the hit, broke but held in place until I got home. So I just need to replace that 2 dollar part and it’s as good as new.

    Again, very solid product that can be removed as needed. I highly recommend it!

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